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To select a window: 10 important tips

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windows important tips

  1. Do you prefer a glass window/display with high scratch resistance or do you want a strong window, maybe even molest proof?
  2. When you want a thin material we make foils with several shielding layers or mesh foil.
  3. What is the size of the window /display, what is the visual area, and what is the max outside dimension? (when you want a quote please add the quantity)
  4. What is the application of the window/display or requested shielding performance? (how many dB reduction is needed and in which frequency range)
  5. For higher shielding performance the light transmission is lower. When you need clear sight you can use a shielded coating.
  6. Please realize sunglasses have only 5% light transmission so 95% is blocked but you can still look through them, so a light transmission of 60% is still very good for a window.
  7. When you need high performance (especially at lower frequencies) you need a metal mesh or a grid, for medium performance you can work with a shielded coating, and for excellent performance, we make windows with both techniques.
  8. Take care with mesh for this can interfere with the pixels in the display and you get Newton rings (moiré) This can be solved by making the mesh under a certain angle.
  9. When you work with mesh for a display keep the distance between the object and shielding material small for better optical effects.
  10. Temperature:
    for temperature under -30°C please contact our specialist, see below the maximum temperatures.
<50°C Polycarbonate-PVC-acryl-glass can be fully laminated with mesh foil of transparent shielding foil
<110°C Fully mesh laminated glass or copper grid expanded mesh polycarbonate
>110°C Glass with edge bonded mesh or metal-framed mesh

Important note:
Each window can have little air bulbs, dust, and some other very little malfunctions. When this is absolutely not acceptable go for the selected quality.

Window material selection Price indication
low to high
Scratch-resistant glass $
High-temperature glass $
Mesh foil $$
Acrylic plate $$
Molest proof polycarbonate  $$$

Termination Price indication
low to high
Shielding performance  low to high
Silver busbar (medium performance) $ +
Flying mesh (high performance) $$ ++
Step with silver busbar $$$ ++
Step with flying mesh $$$$ +

Average attenuation (dB) with different transparent shielding materials
Shielding solution Attenuation (dB)
10 kHz 1 MHz 1 GHz 10 GHz
9000 - 9300 Mesh foil 22 105 70 45
9400 Copper-grid PET film 30 MHz ~ 1000 MHz attenuation capacity ≥ 30 dB
9600 EMI-shielded glass - 60 38 17
9700 Mesh-foil windows 22 105 70 45
9800 ESD foil Not for shielding use, but rather for ESD applications
9900 Transparent shielding foil - 70 20 -
9910 Transparent shielding-foil windows - 70 20 -
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In other situations results may differ; please read our Guarantee.
For more information about the shielding performance, click on the specific product / solution
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