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Width of the visible area in mm. Max. width 1220 mm
Length of the visible area in mm

9800 ESD film is a transparent, static dissipative, self-adhesive polyester film. It includes a special coating on one side and a release film on the other side. The film can be applied to flat, insulating surfaces.

Electrical properties
Property Test standard Typical value Requirements
Surface resistance RS EN 61340-2-3 106 –108 Ω 1 x 104 RP 1 x 1010 Ω EN 61340-5-1
Point to point resistance RP

Chemical resistance

Samples were immersed in the specified chemicals for 24 hours at room temperature and then examined visually.

Chemical Surface damage Visual evaluation
Deionized water None Clear
30% Sulphuric acid None Clear
30% Nitric acid None Clear
30% HCL None Clear
Methanol None Clear
Ethanol None Clear
Isopropyl alcohol None Clear
Acetone None Slight change
Methylene chloride None Clear

Applying the film - step by step

Step 1

  • Measure the usable area
  • Cut the foil to size, adding 2 cm on each side (the extra will be cut off afterwards)

Step 2

  • Moisten the surface to which the foil will be applied with water from a spray bottle. The surface should be wet during the entire application process.

Step 3

  • Stick a piece of adhesive tape on one edge of the foil to easily pull off the transparent protection film.
  • Moisten the adhesive on the foil with the spray bottle.

Step 4

  • Carefully apply the wet, sticky side of the foil to the wet surface. It is important that both sides are moist.
  • Smooth the film carefully to avoid creases or bubbles.
  • High tear strength, clear, adhesive-backed polyester film
  • Permanently electrostatic-dissipative coating
  • Complies with EN 61340-5-1
  • Humidity independent
  • Very low tribocharge generation and excellent electrostatic decay performance
  • High clarity, good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Ideal for PCB manufacturing and testing
  • Suitable for clean manufacturing applications (retrofitting cleanroom windows, etc.)
  • Can be used as transparency for copies
  • Thickness: 0.1 mm
  • Maximum sheet/roll width: 1220 mm

Property Test method Unit (100 microns)
Tensile strength
MD ASTM D-882A PSI 25,000
TD ASTM D-882A PSI 35,000
Yield strength
MD ASTM D-882A PSI 14,000
TD 14,000
Elongation at break
MD ASTM D-882A % 200
TD 120
Pencil hardness
Hardness ASTM D-3363 Hardness scale 3H
Transmittance – Total visible ASTM D-1003 % 85
Transmittance – Total UV 10
Haze 7.3

MD = Machine Direction | TD - Transversal Direction

Micro Suction Silicone adhesive

For easy manual application of the foil we have developed a Micro Suction Silicone adhesive. This adhesive has a number of advantages that make the film easy to position. Our advise is to use standard adhesive only for laminating machines or very very experienced people, else use this Micro Suction Silicone Adhesive


  • Reusable / Repositionable
  • Never attach permanently
  • Easy to apply by hand, less bubbly

Please note : ESD foil with Micro Suction Silicone adhesive has a thickness of 230 micron / 0.23 mm.

Please note: in exceptional cases, the top layer can be affected by acids, for example from the human skin. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the adhesive side on top.

Small optical defects are allowed in this product. If you require a product that is absolutely free from optical defects, please contact us for the "superior selected quality". Due to the extreme caution needed to produce these products, they can be several times more expensive.

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