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Conductive mesh


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Conductive mesh is made of polyester coated with nickel and copper. The base layer is copper, which is highly conductive, and the outer layer is nickel for corrosion resistance. Nickel/copper coated polyester fabric offers excellent surface conductivity, shielding effectiveness, and corrosion resistance for a variety of applications. Conductive mesh is recommended to obtain high EMI shielding at a frequency range of 500 kHz to 10 GHz.

Conductive mesh 2000mm width

Also available a stainless steel version of the conductive mesh with a maximum width of 2000mm. See the Conductive mesh 2000 mm width webpage for more information.

8900 series - Conductive mesh
8900 series - Conductive mesh
  • Optical grade, precision stainless-steel mesh
  • Extremely delicate, lightweight and flexible
  • Used for EMI/RFI-shielded windows
  • Used to make windows in a Faraday tent
  • DFAR compliant
  • 80 to 130 OPI
  • At the extreme limits of the world’s wire weaving abilities
  • Used in outer-space probes and leading physics laboratories

  • Electric-magnetic field shielding

Item Unit Spec. Reference
Roll width mm 1000  
Roll length   30 meters  
Mesh/OPI   80 - 130  
Mesh total thickness (mm) mm 0.085±0.01  
Surface resistivity Ω/square < 0.13 MIL -G-83528
Shielding effectiveness dB min. 60 ASTM D 4935 Method
Mesh count Inch 130 #130
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