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Transparent EMI shielding copper grid PET film

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This transparent conductive Metal Mesh PET film is optical PET film deposited with copper grid and protected with a nickel layer. This film conducts better than our best 9900 series Transparent shielding foil and is only a fraction less transparent. This film has a conductive layer with a very fine etched mesh that is one with the transparent carrier.

Transparent conductive Metal Mesh PET film remains very high transparency, this film is extreme low resistance for high frequency EMI shielding application and is easy to apply. The copper mesh is almost invisible.

9400 series - Copper grid PET film (transparent)
9400 series - Copper grid PET film (transparent)

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

  • Conductive layer flexible and durable, surface resistance and basic PET thickness customized available, conductive side hard coating available
  • RoHS certificate

  • Confidential meeting room
  • Computer room
  • Hospital
  • Display & windows EMI shielding

Standard size

On roll: roll width 1200 mm
When you want to order 9400 series Transparent EMI shielding copper grid PET film in specific sizes, please send your CAD drawing.

Micro Suction Silicone adhesive

For easy manual application of the foil we have developed a new Micro Suction Silicone adhesive. This adhesive has a number of advantages that make the film easy to position. We advise to use standard adhesive only for laminating machines or very very experienced people else use this new Micro Suction Silicone Adhesive

  • Reusable / Repositionable
  • Never attach permanently
  • Easy to apply by hand, less bubbly

Knitted wire mesh gasket groove gasket gaskets RFI EMI IP water seal

Transparent EMI shielding copper grid PET film is so transparent that even on a small smartphone screen the image is perfectly visible. Please note that no moire effect is visible.

metal knit gasket with water seal gasket gaskets RFI EMI IP water seal

Knitted wire mesh EMI/RFI gasket combined with water seal

metal knit gasket with water seal gasket gaskets RFI EMI IP water seal

Transparent EMI shielding copper grid PET film can be delivered on rolls.

Technical data
Item Unit Performance index
150 Mesh/OPI 
Detection method remark
EMI Shielding Layer μm 100±5 ASTM D374 Material:PET
Thickness Adhesive μm 20±5 Optical acrylic adhesive gum
Thickness Release layer μm 50±5 Material:PET
Mesh shape   36°     
Mesh width μm 17    
Mesh spacing μm 143    
Visible Light Transmittance % ≥75 GB/T 2410-2008  
adhesive force (conductive side)   At least two-stage GB/T 9286-1998  
Gum peel strength g/25mm ≥100 GB/T 2792-1998 For glass panel
wet-hot resisting performance
resistance variation
% ≤30 65 °C, 90%, 100 hours ΔR/R0
wet-hot resisting performance
Light transmittance change
% ≤5 ΔT/T0
Shielding Effectiveness   In 30 MHz ~ 1000 MHz damping capacity ≥ 30 dB SJ 20524-1995  

Please note : Copper grid PET film with Micro Suction Silicone adhesive has a thickness of 230 micron / 0.23 mm.

Please note: top layer can be affected by acid for example from human skin. To protect the conductive layer, you can apply a transparent film or use the adhesive side on top. Keep in mind product is fragile due to copper grid.

Small optical defects are allowed in this product. If you require a product that has absolutely no optical defect then contact us for the "superior selected quality". Please realize that due to the extreme caution needed for production of these products they can be several times more expensive.

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