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Shielded PCB housing

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High performance shielded housing for PCB’s. Big range of size available. Good shielding properties, optionally in addition with PCB - shields for shielding near to the source. The metal box is made up out of two parts with a amucor inner layer. Easy excess for mounting a PCB. The PCB housing can be supplied with anti-vibration and shock mounting to protect the PCB. The shielded enclosure is available in different sizes and with amucor or copper plated inside.

Standard sizes
Part number rectangular X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm)
1910-60x60x35 60 60 35
1910-96x96x57 96 96 57
1910-109x107x20 109 107 20
1910-120x120x35 120 120 35
1910-130x130x10 130 130 10
1910-150x150x54 150 150 54
1910-155x155x10 155 155 10
1910-162x112x20 162 112 20
1910-215x155x13 215 155 13
1910-220x160x28 220 160 28
1910-225x115x10 225 115 10
1910-310x220x25 310 220 25
1910-310x220x42 310 220 42
  • Cut-outs on top/bottom for ventilation openings, connectors, power supply, cables entries, switches, buttons and so on
  • At interior, easy system to mount all size of PCB
  • Holder for small electronics like mobile phone
  • Can be supplied with EMI power- and or signal line filters (see Data- and power line-filters)

  • Quick open/close system
  • Easy access to components inside holder for small
    electronics like mobile phone
  • Customizable outside with cut outs for data- and power lines
  • Shielding properties up to 40dB

  • PCB protection from radiance, vibration and shock.

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