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A nuclear EMP attack (NEMP) would destroy electronics everywhere and cause millions of deaths

Electromagnetic Pulse protection

The threat of an EMP attack is more real today than ever. Countries like North Korea and Iran already have the technology available to launch an EMP attack and the consequences will be devastating.

EMP is like super-energetic lightning. Except instead of striking a point it can cover an entire nation, like the continental United States, with an EMP field.

A nuclear EMP attack (NEMP) would destroy electronics everywhere, cause planes to crash, stop cars and rail traffic, blackout electric grids and other critical infrastructures that make modern civilization, and life itself, possible. Eventually, millions would die from starvation, disease, and societal collapse.

EMP missiles are not the only threat to the technology driven modern world as we know today. Other realistic threats are Solar storms, terrorism or even on smaller scale DIY EMP guns. On Youtube you can find the instructions to build an EMP gun within minutes.

EMP protection rocket launch
emp protection magnetic storm

EMP protection scale and effect of EMP USA
EMP Scale and effect

More and more nations and organizations have access to nuclear materials and thus present a risk of nuclear explosions. To give you an idea of the distances involved: a nuclear burst in the stratosphere above Moscow will create a NEMP field over all of Western Europe, including London. Such a NEMP field can destroy all unprotected data. On the left you see a map, to give you an idea about the impact on the USA alone.

IEMI Threat

There are several electromagnetic (EM) threats. Intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) is another growing risk around the world. With all the electric devices and automatically controlled processes our vulnerability is growing. There is also the complexity of all the radiation rising. More possibilities and problems require all sorts of different solutions. Think about Smart Electrical Grids, Virtual Reality, Driverless Cars, Eye Tracking Technology, High Efficiency Photovoltaic Cells, Green Energy Electrical Power Converter, Wireless Wearable Tech, Graphene, IonThruster Energy, etc.

The difference between EMI and IEMI is that IEMI is intentional electromagnetic interference. With the increasing risk of terrorist attacks, electronic warfare, smart burglars and hackers, more and more interference is caused on purpose.

IEMI usually occurs in a small frequency band. An EMP or HEMP (high altitude EMP) usually occurs in a broadband nature. EMP threats are one of the largest electromagnetic threats of this time. The amount of impact is tremendous. The range of such an attack is outstanding. A HEMP is a high amplitude short duration, broadband pulse of electromagnetic energy. This can have a highly destructive effect on the world, which does not function without electronics.

EMP protection IEMI frequency
EMP is a threat for
  • National security
  • Data centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Heating companies
  • Transportation sector
  • Banks and other financial services
  • Security systems
  • The electricity distribution infrastructure
  • Hospitals and public health facilities
  • Oil/gas industry
  • Water treatment facilities
  • All other not mentioned technology driven instances

Active systems like EMP burst devices

A portable, battery-powered EMP burst device can generate extremely powerful fields in almost no time. One such burst can be enough to damage all servers and other (safety) electronics in your location.

On the internet you can easily find instructions for making an EMP burst device. A handyman can construct one in a few hours with commonly available components. For people who have difficulty reading the texts, there is even an instruction video on YouTube.

And a lazy or less technically skilled criminal can rent a portable device, fully anonymous, for less than US $ 1000, from several sources all over the world. It is a real industry, an entirely new type of crime.

These NEMP waves will propagate through the air for hundreds of meters, and concrete walls are no obstacle. The waves can also travel through existing cables, through the metallic protection around cables or even common pipelines for gas and water, bringing the data-killing power burst to its intended target: your data center.

EMP protection server datacenter

Holland Shielding Systems EMP protection solutions and engineering

Holland Shielding Systems is one of the leading companies in EMP protection. Think about EMP protection Faraday cages, EMP data and power line filters, EMP Ethernet converter units, etc.

Our engineers are specialized in the protection against EMP attacks. We have a specialized product range for the protection against EMP threats.

The shielding effectiveness exceeds the minimum HEMP requirements as specified in the MIL-STD-188-125 (HEMP protection for ground-based C4I facilities performing critical, time urgent missions).

EMP protection testing department
emp protection e1 e2 power line filter test

Our filters are tested with our in-house test facility with which we are capable to perform PCI as per E1 (20/500 ns 5 kA peak) and E2 (1.5/4000 µs 250 A peak) test pulses. With our testing facilities we make sure that our filters comply with the highest demands and that the residual currents are within limits of the applicable standards and norms.

emp protection e1 e2 power line filter test by our specialists

Below you find a selection of products which will help you to protect your facility from EMP attacks. A complete Faraday cage is depicted including all the components we manufacture with an electromagnetic pulse protection. In our development laboratory we can develop any EMP protected product according to your wishes. Our testing facility can also provide you with a broad EMP measurement analysis.

Contact [email protected] for a quote on testing your product/device/etc. We have broad experience in EMP protection internationally.

EMP protection drawing faraday cage

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