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Very comfortable radio frequency shielding for the head and thyroid region.

Medical grade, silver coated stretchy fabric provides very good microwave shielding. Washable and very soft.

Can be worn many ways: covering nose/mouth or not. Covering neck or not. Size of eye opening can be adjusted to your preference. Shielding performance decreases over time. Lightweight, stretchy, anti-bacterial fabric is the key. One size fits all.

Technical details

These shielded balaclavas form a conductive enclosure and effectively shield radio waves and electric fields. Soft, light weight, and stretchable.

These shielded balaclavas offer the conductivity of silver with lycra-like stretch.

This medical grade silver plated 76% Nylon, 24% elastic fiber fabric offers the unique ability to stretch in all directions. Silver coating is 99.9% pure. Silver/gray color. Very unique!

  • Shielding performance: 30-50 dB, tested from 1-10 GHz
  • Temperature range: -30 to 90 °C
  • Surface resistivity is < 0.5 Ohm/sq.


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