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Protective clothing for electromagnetic radiation

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Anti-EMI/RF E-Smog personal protection offers functional, effective shielding against electromagnetic fields. This shielding clothing may be worn at work in an environment with high electromagnetic radiation but can also be used for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation at home.

The EMI/RFI-shielded clothing is made of the same material as our Faraday tents, is very strong. The electromagnetic radiation protection clothing can be made in any size and even according to a drawing you supply. Optionally, the clothing can be provided with pockets, gloves, and/or face protection.

Technical specifications

The overall protects electromagnetic fields based on the Faraday Cage principle and tests have shown that it offers reductions in RF fields (non-ionizing radiation) of at least 90% in the frequency range of 800 MHz to 18 GHz

Shielding performance

Protective clothing (PC)
Protective clothing for electromagnetic radiation
Protective coverall (PO)
Protective clothing for electromagnetic radiation coverall

optional accessories

For the highest shielding performance, combining the following products with the protective clothing is recommended.

Shielding gloves (optional)
Part numbers
SG-1: Single layer version (standard performance)
SG-2: Double layer version (high performance)
Shielded gloves
Face protection (optional)
Part numbers



Face protection
Face protection (optional)
Part numbers



Head balaclava
Shielding socks (optional)
Part numbers



Shielded socks
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