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PCB shield mounting - Medium clip (MC)

This clip is to be mounted onto the surface of a PCB (SMT) and offers a fast solution for assembling RFI/EMI-shielding cans to PCBs. This clip eliminates the need for through holes and post reflow operations on the PCB. For best performance, the shielding clip should be mounted on the PCB ground pattern. This can be done by hand or by vacuum pick-up nozzle (automated).

This clip offers a great opportunity for tuning and re-work after the assembly of the screening cover. The thickness of the screening cover can be in the range of 0.12 to 0.23 mm. The clip can be supplied on reels of 5,000 pieces.

The Medium clip takes up 40% less space than the large clip

Technical specifications
Material Stainless steel
Plating Nickel (Ni) plated and afterwards matte tin (Sn) plated
Packaging format Tape & reel or pieces
Reel quantity 5000 pieces on a Ø330 mm reel
Contact resistance 40 milliohms max
Shield thickness 0.12 – 0.23 mm
Insertion force (max) 5.0 N (0.17 mm shield)
Withdrawal force (max) 0.35 N
Delivery on reel
PCB shielding clips on reel
We can deliver our PCB shield mounting - Medium clip (MC) on reels of 5,000 pieces.

  • Enhance your productivity by SMT process
  • Seamless corners for ultra-high EMI shielding effect
  • Reduce shield clip numbers to lower the costs

  • Mass production
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Convenient for re-work
  • EU-RoHS compliant, Pb & halogen free
  • Also available in 90° version for seamless corners and high shielding effectiveness
  • For mobile phones, MP3, PDA, navigation systems, internet repeaters, walkie-talkies and much more.

Technical drawing
PCB shield mounting MC clip tecnical drawing
Recommended solder area
PCB shield mounting MC clip solder area
Recess area
PCB shield mounting MC clip recess area
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