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MRI-shielded room

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Holland Shielding Systems B.V. has the flexibility to provide a client with shielding materials only, or to offer a complete, cost-effective, single-source solution. In the role of single-source provider we coordinate all aspects of the process: we design the system, provide quality materials, install the components, and conduct final RF-compliance tests.

Product MRI shielding
Usage MRI treatment and research rooms
Construction Galvanized modular panel system, copper modular panel system, soldered copper sheet system
Site options / components Faraday doors, patient-view windows, HVAC waveguide vents, pipe penetration waveguide, utility shielding, EMI rated power line and signal electrical filters, magnetic shielding calculations and modeling, site design, backlit panels.
Cost saving Competitively priced products
Time-saving techniques Attested timely delivery and minimal on-site installation time
Customization Complete range of solutions to meet unique shielding requirements and site conditions
Quality assurance Guarantee that all shielding enclosures and materials will fully conform to the specifications and standards of our customers and equipment manufacturers
Design expertise A team of professionals with extensive shielding experience
Safety All safety and health regulations complied with
Testing RF qualification and acceptance tests as well as a ground isolation test at completion of installation

Please send us your AutoCAD drawings and we will study them with the eyes of an expert.

MRI shielding windows in hospital in use MRI observation glass windows 
Wall covering system for complex shaped rooms Wall covering system for complex shaped rooms
Low closing force door with transparent windows Low closing force door with transparent windows

EMI/RFI shielded windows
MRI shielding windows EMI/RFI shielded


Our shielding windows, displays & transparent shielding foils are virtually very clear. They shield radio frequency signals and microwave radiation in a wide frequency range. Whether it is for very small display shielding or huge shielding windows from a few meters to a few meters in Faraday cages. We provide the transparent EMI shielding you seek.

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EMI - EMP ventilation and dust panels
EMI - EMP ventilation and dust panels MRI


Honeycomb vents are used to shield openings for ventilation or acoustic/visual contact. We can make these vents according to your drawing within a few days, or you can use our standard range from stock.

We can supply Honeycomb vents with frames, pre-drilled with fasteners, or with flow-drilled thread holes. The standard material is aluminium which can be given a nickel finish (or any other finish you choose).

If high shielding levels are required, the use of cross-cell honeycombs is recommended. These are constructed from multiple sections of 6.35 mm or 12.7 mm or 26.3 mm thick honeycombs within a single frame. The shielding performance will improve as airflow is decreased, but not eliminated.

For military applications we make a heavy hot-dip galvanized mild-steel version. Please contact us for more information.

Honeycombs are also frequently used as flow straighteners to create a laminar flow.

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Mu-copper wall covering system
Mu-copper wall covering system MRI


Mu-copper foil has high attenuation properties in the electrical field (up to 120 dB) as well as in the magnetic field.

It is easy to apply, like wallpaper, thanks to its special adhesive for walls, ceilings and floors. The interior finish can be plaster board, foam tiles or plywood.

The 0.12 mm thick Mu-Copper is used to transform a regular room into a shielded room; the product has excellent shielding performance even at low frequencies. The system is easy to mount on shielded doors with clamping devices. The standard width of Mu-Copper is 1000 mm. The foil can be delivered on rolls or as ready-made sheets.

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Shielded doors designed for MRI
Shielded doors designed for MRI


For an MRI environment, a low frequency and a closed system is important. In order to have quick access to the room and to see the patient during a MRI scan, the MRI shielded doors have been developed.

These doors have a standard shielding value range of 100 dB a 300 MHz and it is possible to incorporate custom-made windows into the doors. 

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