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Compartment shielded foam for PCB's

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Compartment shield foam is a highly conductive foil laminated with a high-deflection, low closure-force foam layer. The housing itself is used to close the separations on the PCB. The high-deflection, low closure-force foam is also available combined with conductive fabrics or non-wovens. Please note that the compartment shield must make contact to ground.

Electromagnetic (EM) radiation can prevent a device from functioning correctly. This is called electromagnetic interference (EMI). Compartment shield 1800 series for PCB’s was developed to shield only a part of the printed circuit board (PCB) from electromagnetic radiation at the source, rather than shielding all of the components or the entire housing/enclosure of the device against electromagnetic radiation.

Compartment shielding foam is available in the materials PU foam and neoprene foam with amucor foil or conductive textile. Whether it is for a small number of prototypes or large production, we will be happy to produce the precision components that you require.

Compartment shielded foam for PCB's how to order

Part numbers
Foam thickness PU foam (max. 80 % compression)
+ Amucor foil
PU foam (max. 80 % compression)
+ Conductive textile
Neoprene foam (max. 50 % compression) + Amucor foil Neoprene foam (max. 50 % compression) + Conductive textile
3 mm 1800-1-3 1800-2-3 1800-3-3 1800-4-3
4 mm 1800-1-4 1800-2-4 1800-3-4 1800-4-4
5 mm 1800-1-5 1800-2-5 1800-3-5 1800-4-5
6 mm 1800-1-6 1800-2-6 1800-3-6 1800-4-6
8 mm 1800-1-8 1800-2-8 1800-3-8 1800-4-8
10 mm 1800-1-10 1800-2-10 1800-3-10 1800-4-10
15 mm 1800-1-15 1800-2-15 1800-3-15 1800-4-15
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