Conductive silver coating 3830

Silver-pigmented conductive coating

Silver coating 3830 is the latest in a series of coatings which provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This product has been specifically designed to offer more coverage while maintaining very high conductivity.

This is a very economic means of achieving excellent shielding against emitted electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The coating retains its low resistance even after exposure to heat, cold, humidity, and salt spray. The product is simply sprayed or brushed on and then left to air-dry, and does not require either a primer or a top coat.

It is easily applied by spray or brush and is compatible with the types of plastic that are commonly used in enclosures for electronic equipment.

Available in cans of 30 grams.


  • Excellent conductivity
  • Very smooth, bright coating
  • Meets UL specification 746-C
  • Overspray is easily removable with MEK
  • Excellent adhesion to substrates like polycarbonate, ABS, polystyrene and PC/ABS blends


Silver coating dries in 4 to 16 hours of air drying. It may be force-dried for 20 minutes at 60-70 °C.


Technical datasheets can be found on the right-hand side of this webpage under "Download documentation"


Part number Description
3830 Conductive silver coating 30gr
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Applying the Conductive silver coating

For easy application of the conductive silver coating, we have a small sprayer that is to be connected to a compressor.

Conductive silver coating 3830
Conductive silver coating 3830
Conductive silver coating 3830
Conductive silver coating 3830
Conductive silver coating 3830
Conductive silver coating 3830
Info! Part number 3850 (50 gr. package) and 3825 (25 gr. package) are changed to 3830 (30 gr. package) in regards to safety.


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Conductive Silver Coating 30 gr package
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