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Conductive silver coating

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Silver coating 3830 is the latest in a series of coatings which provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This product has been specifically designed to offer more coverage while maintaining very high conductivity.

This is a very economic means of achieving excellent shielding against emitted electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The conductive coating retains its low resistance even after exposure to heat, cold, humidity, and salt spray. The product is simply sprayed or brushed on and then left to air-dry, and does not require either a primer or a top coat.

It is easily applied by spray or brush and is compatible with the types of plastic that are commonly used in enclosures for electronic equipment.

Available in cans of 30 grams.

  Part number Description
3830 Conductive Silver Coating 30 gr package

Typical properties 
Color Silver
Technology Thermoplastic
Operating Temperature-
Solids Content, % 47
Viscosity @ 20 °C, mPa∙s (cP):
Speed 20 rpm
Density, kg/cm³ 1,340
Theoretical coverage, m²/kg:
@ 10 µm coating thickness
Shelf Life @ 5 to 30°C, year 1
Flash Point , °C 14

Typical Properties of cured material
On Lexan panels, dried 30 minutes @ 70 ºC
Physical Properties
Attenuation @ 15 µm coating thickness, dB 70 to 80
Electrical Properties
Sheet Resistivity , ohms/sq:
@ 25 µm coating thickness

Applying the Conductive silver coating

For easy application of the conductive silver coating, we have a small sprayer that is to be connected to a compressor.

  • Excellent conductivity
  • Very smooth, bright coating
  • Meets UL specification 746-C
  • Overspray easily removable with MEK
  • Excellent adhesion to substrates such as polycarbonate, ABS, polystyrene and PC/ABS blends

Typical applications
  • Plastic enclosures of mobile telephones
  • Laptop and notebook personal computers
  • Industrial, military, scientific and medical equipment

Directions for use

Surface preparation

Make sure substrate is clean (free from dirt and grease) and dry.

Mixing and Dilution

Thoroughly mix Silver Coating 3830 before use.
Check to make sure there are no unmixed solids at the bottom of the container. 

By brush:
Use Silver Coating 3830 neat for brush application. 

By spray:
Use Methylethylketone (MEK)
By Volume: 2 part(s) product to 1 part(s) solvent
By Weight: 1 part(s) product to 1 part(s) solvent
If the evaporation speed of this mixture is too high, replace 10 to 15% of the Methylethylketone (MEK) by Diaceton Alcohol (DAA).


A conventional paddle-agitated pressure tank system should be used when applying Silver Coating 3830 by spray. It is recommended to maintain a spray pressure of 2 to 2.5 bar and to use a spray gun with a nozzle diameter varying from 1 to 1.5 mm.

Small prototype runs may be sprayed with well mixed product, using suction cup spray equipment.
A 7 to 20 μm coating thickness is recommended for good EMI shielding performance. Avoid ́Dry Spraying ́, for maximum adhesion and conductivity.


This product dries to touch in about 10 minutes and can be handled after a further 10 minutes approximately, depending on ambient temperature. Good coating properties will be achieved after 4 - 8 hours air drying (depending on coating thickness and 80°C) may be used for faster processing. Forced drying of the coating will noticeably improve conductivity.


For high volume production where masks are used, they can be cleaned with ester (butyl acetate, ethyl acetate) or ketone (MIBK, MEK) solvents. Spray and mixing equipment can be cleaned with the same solvents.


Store the product at temperatures between 5 and 30.°C

Health & safety

See seprate Material safety sheet

Info! Part number 3850 (50 gr. package) and 3825 (25 gr. package) are changed to 3830 (30 gr. package) in regards to safety.

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