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Spring Contact 4.85 mm high (Gold), S-Shaped

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pcb spring contacts 2901 14


Our 2901-14 PCB spring contacts are intended for use in shielding, grounding and general electrical connections applications. Ideal for use on surface mount PCB's. The product is also known as Grounding / EMI / RFI contacts, spring or Shield Finger.

Product specifications
Contact Gender: Male/Plug
Connector Orientation: Vertical
Connection Type: Surface Mount (SMT)
Current Rating (check Specification for full data): 2 A
Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +105 °C 
Maximum Soldering Temperature:  260 °C for 10 seconds
Reel quantity 900 pieces

Dimensional information
Total Number of Contacts: 1
Body Length: 3 mm
Height of Connector above PCB: 4.85 mm
  • Accommodates both wiping and sliding actions.
  • Packaged in Tape & Reel for automated placement.
  • Multi-Directional contact point (accommodates deviation from vertical).
  • Working height = 4.35 mm, Minimum = 3.85 mm.

Material information
Finish/Plating on Termination:  Gold 
Finish/Plating on Contact Surface: Gold
Base Material of Contact: Stainless steel
Individual Part Weight: 0.026 g
Technical drawing
spring contact technical drawing
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