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High-precision conductive EMI foil shaping

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Customized solutions

We provide two standard materials: Mu-copper and Amucor. We can cut and bend these materials into any desired shape.

  • Any size or shape
  • Cut and/or shaped according to your CAD drawing
  • Low tooling cost
  • Short delivery times

Mu-copper foil (tinned)

Mu-copper is an alloy based on copper with ferriferous material which offers increased shielding effectiveness at low frequencies compared to unalloyed copper. Mu-copper (tinned) can be soldered easily and provides high electrical conductivity.

Available thicknesses

(Tinned) Mu-copper: 0.035, 0.12, 0.18 mm thick.

  • Tin-plated copper version
  • With (conductive) adhesive layer
  • Electrically insulating layer
  • Flame-retardant UL94V0 layer
  • or any custom configuration

Amucor foil (silver coloured)

Amucor is an alloy based on aluminium but with better corrosion resistance than regular aluminium. In addition, Amucor foil is reinforced to prevent the rupturing or cracking often associated with thin regular aluminium foil.

Amucor with self-adhesive is mainly used to shield plastic housings, when spraying with conductive paint does not yield the desired result. Amucor provides superior shielding effectiveness and electrical conductivity compared to even the best paints on the market.

All shielding parts are available with the following options:

  • Electrically insulating layer
  • Flame-retardant UL94V0 layer
  • Regular self-adhesive
  • Conductive self-adhesive
  • Shielding plastic enclosure parts
  • Shielding any non-conductive material
  • Ground plane
  • Antistatic floor
  • Electrical connection between surfaces (sheets/foils)
  • Die-cuts
  • Shielding in housings
  • Shielding cables
  • Temporary shielding during tests
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