Ready-made round cable shielding sleeve

Ready-made round cable shielding sleeve 4700T

Ready-made round sleeve (EMI-screening sleeve) easy cable routing with high shielding performance

The ready-made round sleeve (EMI-screening sleeve) for round cables allows easy cable routing during assembly. The material is a highly conductive Amucor film offering full 360° protection against electromagnetic radiation. Shielding performance can even be improved using optional grouding connections.

For placing or curving round cables there is an ultra flexible solution with conductive textile with a self-adhesive, combining suberb mechanical and EMI-screening properties.

Ready-made round sleeves can be supplied in Amucor or in Conductive textile (fabric). The material provides high shielding performance. The ready-made round sleeve can be used for cables with large diameters.

Round cable connector shield

When your cable has a connector, it may be of importance for achieving the desired shielding effect to also shield the connector.

With earthing connection (on request)

The ready-made round sleeve can also be delivered with an earthing connection in any length and according to your drawing

Material options

  • 4701T : Reinforced Amucor foil
  • 4711T : Conductive fabric

Shielding performance (dB)

Mode attenuation dB
Amucor Conductive textile
1 MHz E 121 115
10 MHz E 110 108
100 MHz E 103 102
400 MHz E 98 92
1 GHz P 93 80
10 GHz P 90 87

ready-made round cable shielding sleeve earthing connection

Standard diameters

Diameter (mm) Partnumber
2 47xxx-2
4 47xxx-4
6 47xxx-6
8 47xxx-8
10 47xxx-10
12 47xxx-12
15 47xxx-15
18 47xxx-18
20 47xxx-20
22 47xxx-22
24 47xxx-24
26 47xxx-26
28 47xxx-28
30 47xxx-30
*Any other diameter available upon request, without tooling costs
X=material options: Reinforced Amucor foil or
Conductive fabric

ready-maderound cable shielding sleeve technical drawing


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