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Ready-made round cable shielding sleeve

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Specify the diameter of the cable in mm.
Specify the length per sleeve.

The ready-made round sleeve (EMI-screening sleeve) for round cables allows easy cable routing during assembly. The material is a highly conductive Amucor film offering full 360° protection against electromagnetic radiation. Shielding performance can even be improved using optional grouding connections.

For placing or curving round cables there is an ultra flexible solution with conductive textile with a self-adhesive, combining suberb mechanical and EMI-screening properties.

Ready-made round sleeves can be supplied in Amucor or in Conductive textile (fabric). The material provides high shielding performance. The ready-made round sleeve can be used for cables with large diameters.

Shielding performance (dB)
Mode attenuation dB
Amucor Conductive textile
1 MHz E 121 115
10 MHz E 110 108
100 MHz E 103 102
400 MHz E 98 92
1 GHz P 93 80
10 GHz P 90 87
Material options
  • 4701T : Amucor foil
  • 4711T : Conductive fabric

Round cable connector shield

When your cable has a connector, it may be of importance for achieving the desired shielding effect to also shield the connector.

With earthing connection (on request)

The ready-made round sleeve can also be delivered with an earthing connection in any length and according to your drawing

ready made round cable shielding sleeve with earthring

Standard diameters
Diameter (mm) Partnumber
2 47xxx-2
4 47xxx-4
6 47xxx-6
8 47xxx-8
10 47xxx-10
12 47xxx-12
15 47xxx-15
18 47xxx-18
20 47xxx-20
22 47xxx-22
24 47xxx-24
26 47xxx-26
28 47xxx-28
30 47xxx-30
*Any other diameter available upon request, without tooling costs
X=material options: Reinforced Amucor foil or
Conductive fabric
ready made round cable shielding sleeve technical drawing
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Allowed maximum size is 20 MiB. You can upload multiple files