PCB shield mounting - Small pin (P)

A small pin which is to be attached by soldering after insertion through the PCB. Used to mount PCB shielding cans.

The Small pin is used to mount PCB screening cans and PCB shielding covers from our 1500 series PCB shielding cans onto your printed circuit board.

This pin is designed to be placed through the surface of the PCB and offers a fast solution for assembling RFI/EMI shields to PCBs. The clip needs through holes and post reflow operations on the PCB.

This clip with a tinned pin can be soldered into the PCB at any available place around the screening cover.

For more details concerning sizes of the Small pin, please see the technical drawing on the right side of this page.

 Technical specifications

Material Phosphor bronze
Finish Ni, Sn
Packaging format Tube packing
Packaging quantity 40 pieces
Contact resistance 20mΩ max
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ min
Current rating 1A
Operating temperature Between -25°C and +85°C
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In other situations results may differ. Please read our Guarantee.


Thanks to the large clamping range, the pin does not have to be positioned with great precision. The recommended distance between the pins depends on the frequency that is to be shielded and the size of the PCB shielding can. For advice please consult our engineers.

Technical drawing

Below you will find a technical drawing of the Small pin. In the drawing, the walls of the PCB shielding can are 0.12 mm thick. PCB shielding cans with a wall thickness up to 0.18 mm will also fit in this pin.

Small pin PCB shielding can technical drawing
PCB shield mounting Small pin
PCB shield mounting - Small pin
Small pin mounting PCB shielding cans
Small pin for mounting PCB shielding cans
Small pin supplied individually racks
Small pins can be supplied individually, but also in racks of 40 pieces


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General documentation

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