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Big mobile measurement box

Big size shielded box for laboratory purposes; working size 698(W)*686(D)*696(H)

Big mobile meaurement box (698 x 686 x 696 mm)

  • Radio frequency interface: N-SMA*2
  • Application: for Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, wireless test, RFID
  • Frequency: 0~6000 MHz
  • Working size (mm): 698(W)*686(D)*696(H)

Technical specifications

Shielding effect ≥90 dB @4 GHz
≥80 dB @5.8 GHz
Interface type Type 2
Numbers of filters 6 pcs
Working temperature (°C) (0-50)
Working dimensions (mm) 698(W)*686(D)*696(H)
Outer dimensions (mm) 878.5(W)*838(D)*907(H)
Weight (kg) 90 kg


  • High levels of shielding attenuation, greater than 60 dB
  • Box can be equipped with shielded power filters
  • Connection in the box while still blocking all wireless signals
  • Easy & Flexible operation in Lab and production line
  • R&D, custom design

Technical drawing

Big mobile measurement box Technical drawing dimensions


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