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PCB shielding - high quantity production

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PCB shield

If you need a large number of PCB EMI-shielding cans, covers or fencing with or without removable covers/lids, we can start up a computerized production process. This allows us to produce EMI shielding items like cans or fences with exact precision. We can also deliver the PCB shielding cans on tape or perhaps a different type of packaging so that you can easily incorporate these shielding elements into your automated process. These EMI shielding covers are used to shield only certain components or areas on a printed circuit board from electromagnetic radiation. These parts are available in a wide range of sizes and variations. The design of all these items is customer specific and we can take care of the entire process, from a simple request for prototyping to large production runs.

  • Sizes: from 13 x 13 mm up to 205 x 610 mm
  • Material: Brass with tin plating
  • Material thicknesses: 0.15 and 0.30 as a standard, other thicknesses upon request

  • In-house tooling facility.
  • Global material procurement to ensure quality and competitive price.
  • Tape and reel packaging of components to allow high-speed, high-quantity automated placement.

Automatic packing

When you order a high-volume production of EMI shielding for PCBs, we can package them automatically (see video below for more information).


If you are interested in a large number of PCB shielding cans, please send us a drawing of the design and the amount needed so that we can make a quotation.

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