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Amucor Faraday cages / Amucor wall covering system

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Amucor foil 4701 (4702 with self-adhesive) has high attenuation properties in the electrical field (up to 110 dB) as well as in the magnetic field (see shielding performance table).

It is easy to apply because the foil is provided with a very strong self-adhesive. For an extra good result, we recommend applying plasterboard before applying the film. After the application of the Amucor foil the interior can be finished with an extra finishing layer of plaster board, foam tiles or plywood.

The 48 µm thick Amucor is used to transform a regular room into a shielded room; the product has excellent shielding performance even at low frequencies. The system is easy to mount on shielded doors with clamping devices. The standard width of Amucor is 1000 mm. The foil can be delivered on rolls or as ready-made sheets.

Overlap options

Depending on the overlap you can meet a certain shielding performance. Holland Shielding Systems can advise in how to install the Amucor for your application. The standard for Amucor is an overlap of 200mm. It’s even possible to meet the MIL-STD-188-125 with the dual layer Amucor system.

You can create a Faraday cage with high shielding performance yourself in an economic way, using local labour. This is possible in existing buildings as well as in new ones, without loss of space. Depending on the quality of the doors, vent panels, filters and/or windows used, attenuation levels up to 80-100 dB in the E-field can be realized.

Advantages over mesh

Mesh does not protect against high frequencies and it is difficult to connect all wires or the mesh in big constructions.
With foil you can use the whole surface to create coupling.

  • Cost-effective / takes up little space
  • Can be delivered with a self-adhesive allowing very easy appliance of the film.
  • Light weight / high floor load
  • Can be constructed by local contractor under supervision of Holland Shielding Systems
  • Standard interior finish possible like plasterboard
  • Can be delivered with 10 year guarantee
  • Maintenance free
  • Delivery with turnkey measurement report


Amucor film is suitable for a large scale of applications where a medium performance reduction is required. Below we have made a small list of some commonly used applications.

Data security for

  • Computer rooms
  • Industrial espionage/ Secure room /SCIF rooms
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Board room shielding
  • RF Noiseless
RF Noiseless
  • TEMPEST sites
  • MIL-STD-188-125
  • Computer rooms
  • Industrial espionage/ Secure room
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Board room shielding
  • Free from Radar interference on Airports

shielded windows inside an amucor faraday cage
Illustration of applying amucor foil
amucor faraday cage wall covering system


For ventilation we have developed honeycomb ventilation panels. Especially for the Amucor Faraday cages we can deliver optimized honeycomb vent panels for this type of cage.

For other honeycomb ventilation panels, like rigid aluminium Framed Honeycombs, see our Honeycomb ventilation webpage.

amucor faraday cage honeycomb

Shielding performance Amucor Faraday Cage (dB)
Shielding performance amucor faraday cage (dB)

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

Shielding performance basic material (dB)
Field Frequency Amucor Amucor + seaming tape
H 100 kHz 23 dB 23 dB
H 30 MHz 60 dB 60 dB
E 30 MHz 63 dB 80 dB
E 100 MHz 63 dB 83 dB
E 500 MHz 63 dB 80 dB
E 1 GHz 63 dB 80 dB
E 2.4 GHz 75 dB 82 dB
E 5 GHz 77 dB 90 dB
E 10 GHz 88 dB 93 dB
E 20 GHz 90 dB 97 dB
Shielding performance of Amucor foil 48 µm thick
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In other situations, results may differ; please read our Guarantee.

Measurements according to MIL STD 285/IEEE-299:2006 and the following situation: Amucor foil 48 µm thick, 50 mm overlap, dimensions 10 x 6 x 4 m, 1 door 0.9 x 2.1 m, 1 waveguide, 1 power filter.

Modified RF shielded door
EMI RFI shielded Faraday cage EMI-RFI shielded doors

When a lower performance of e.g. 40-60 dB is acceptable, we can retrofit your existing door. The door is then equipped with gaskets at the top and sides, and with a conductive copper brush and doorstep at the bottom. 

For heavy duty applications we can supply Faraday cage doors that will match the max specification of the cage. 

For more information see our Faraday cage doors webpage


In addition to EM shielded doors and windows, the screened rooms can be equipped with the foil.

We also offer shielding solutions for water pipes, medical gases, and ventilation when needed.

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Allowed maximum size is 20 MiB. You can upload multiple files