Textile cable organiser with velcro

Textile cable organiser sleeve 4330

Easy and protective sleeve for your shielded cables

To protect your shielded cables and keep them out of sight, we have developed the Textile cable organizer sleeve. The sleeve is made of non-woven polyester and because of the Velcro closure it is also easy to open and organise your cables. Different sizes are available depending on your cable thickness. The maximal length of the sleeve is 20 meters. Standard MOQ is 500 meters.

Technical properties

Material Polyester multifilament
Color Black
Operating temperature (°C) -50°C - +150°C
Melting point 240± 10°C
Flammability VW-1
Certificate RoHS, Halogen free
Cutting tool Hot knife

Available versions

Partnumber Inside diameter (mm) Bundle diameter (mm)
4330-16 16 10-16
4330-20 20 17-20
4330-30 30 21-30
4330-50 50 31-50

Textile cable organiser sleeve small roll


  • Usable with almost all of our cable shielding 
  • Easy to cut in length 
  • Protects your shielded cable
  • Different sizes available



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Select an option:
16 : 10 - 16 mm bundle diameter
20 : 17 - 20 mm bundle diameter
30 : 21 - 30 mm bundle diameter
50 : 31 - 50 mm bundle diameter
Important notice: MOQ is 500 meters
* Note: The red blocks are required