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Mounting tape 3205

Electrically conductive mounting tape for conductivity and EMI shielding

A double-sided self-adhesive transfer tape for mounting purposes. This tape can be applied much faster than a conductive glue and it is easy to position very accurately. No time is required for curing (for the pressure-sensitive version). For lower resistance and/or to fill in gaps on a rough surface, we recommend Shieldokit electrically conductive two-component adhesive (see Conductive glue)


3205 Conductive adhesive is especially useful where it is required to bond conductive materials together, while at the same time maintaining electrical conductance from one material to the other through the bond.

Method of application

Apply the tape to one of the surfaces to be bonded. Use firm pressure to ensure intimate contact to the surface. If possible allow up to 15 minutes for the bond to develop before removing the paper interliner. apply the second bonding surface to the adhesive layer, again using firm pressure.
Note: Bonding surfaces should be clean & dry.

Electrically conductive mounting tape cut any width
Electrically conductive mounting tape can be cut in any width.

Stability of 3205

3205 will withstand long term exposure (up to 20.000 hours) at temperatures up to 130 °C. The acrylic adhesive is uv resistant and is unaffected by exposure to sunlight or humidity. Note: When laminated to conductive substrates such as metal foils and conductive fabrics/non-wovens the adhesive strength of the laminated product may vary slightly from that stated above due to different substrate rigidities.

Technical specifications

Part number
(with conductive adhesive)
Part number
(with standard adhesive)
Construction Mounting tape construction
Color Transparent
Base material Silicone release paper
Total thickness 0.050 mm
Adhesive Electrically conductive acrylic
Adhesive performance 5.5 N/cm
Temperature resistance Standard -20 °C up to +130 °C
Short term up to 180 °C
Electrical resistance 0.01Ω/sq
Shelf life 6 months from date of delivery
Storage Cool and dry in original packaging at 23 °C +/- 2 °C and 50% Relative Humidity +/- 2% RH
Standard roll widths (mm) 10, 25, 50, 100
Roll lengths 66 m
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
In other situations results may differ; please read our Guarantee.

Technical drawing

Mounting tape technical drawing


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