Impact locator

An automatic measuring precision landing device.


The Impact locator configuration, a combination of target pad with optional neutralizing pad, target pad controller and wireless multicolor matrix-display, is used as a landing target that registers and displays the first landing point on the target pad.

The target pad is based on modern touchpad technology. It's flexible, very accurate and provides a review on the exact point of contact.


  • Big accuracy set with 2 mechanical 450 mm display
  • Accuracy set LCD 150 mm according F.A.I.
  • Solar Panel for Accuracy set
  • Locator pad 1 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm dead center measuring from 0 – 16 cm
  • Locator control pad 140 cm x 140 cm
  • Super Anemometer set with Printer and Pc
  • Option for Anemometer set with 9 LCD 150 mm
  • Mini Anemometer set
  • Ground to Air Video system

Impact locator
Impact locator
Impact locator set
Impact locator different parts
Impact locator inside
Impact locator inside
Impact locator in use
Impact locator in use


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