EMI coatings, conductive glues, thermal, lubricants and seals

Many EMI problems can be solved with, for example, a coating or glue for applying a small dun conductive layer. This applies only to cases where only a slight reduction is required.

Many of these products are also suitable for ATEX and ESD application.

Conductive coating

For EMI/RFI shielding of plastic housings and plastic components

Conductive glue

Electrically conductive glue / Electrically conductive adhesive for EMI / RFI shielding and ESD applications

Thermal interface material

Thermal grease and thermal pads are thermally conductive adhesive, which is commonly used as an interface between heat sinks and heat sources (e.g., high-power semiconductor devices). The grease and the pads give a mechanical strength to the bond between the heat sink and heat source, but more importantly, it eliminates air (which is a thermal insulator) from the interface area.

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