EMI/RFI-shielding gaskets with or without waterseal

EMI/RFI-shielding gaskets for high-tech industries and applications around the world

From board-level shields and Fabric-over-Foam gaskets to fingerstrips and die-cut gaskets according to the client's drawing, we have the right solution for any EMI/RFI challenge.

Each type of application requires a different EMI-shielding gasket. The optimal gasket depends on many factors, such as:

  • Should the gasket ensure both good electrical conductivity and also a good waterseal?
  • Should the gasket be soft so that the lid or door that is closed on it does not become bent out of shape?
  • What is the desired attenuation?


Aerospace, automotive electronics, computers, data communications, general electronics, medical equipment, military, network equipment, telecommunications – Holland Shielding Systems BV provides electromagnetic-interference shielding to more high-tech industries in more places around the world than any other EMI specialist.

EMI/RFI gaskets without water seal

1200 series - Knitted wire mesh

Knitted wire mesh EMC gaskets

EMC gasket consisting of a core covered with knitted mesh made of Monel, tin-plated copperweld, steel, aluminium or phosphor bronze.

1400 series - Miniature shield

Miniature EMI RFI shielding gaskets

This HF gasket can be produced in very small widths, even smaller than the height.

2000 series - Fingerstrips

beryllium copper fingerstrips

For high-performance applications available in beryllium-copper or stainless steel. For EMP or NEMP applications.

5730 series - Electrically conductive felt

Electrically conductive felt

This felt is thin and highly conductive, while being less soft than electrically conductive foam. Can be CNC-cut easily into any desired shape.

5770 series - Electrically conductive foam

Electrically conductive foam

Soft, electrically conductive foam which can be easily CNC cut into any desired shape.

6600 series - Heavy-duty clip-on gasket

Heavy duty clip-on gasket

Ideal to use for EMI shielding, grounding and static discharge (ESD) or as an alternative for fingerstrips or sticky fingers. For heavy-duty applications.

6800 series - Amucor shielding gasket

Amucor shielding gasket

EMI-shielding gasket for screwed applications, available in aluminium and zinc-plated steel.

7000 series - Standard shielding gasket

Standard shielding gasket

An EMC gasket for panels and screwed applications.

7400 series - Ultra-soft shield

Ultra soft shield

Ultra-soft EMI/RFI-shielding gaskets for doors and panels. Very low closure force to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels.

8100 series - Frame gaskets

Frame gaskets

For panels and screwed applications like displays, windows, honeycomb vents, etc.

8200 series - Connector gaskets

EMI shielding connector gaskets

EMI shielding and grounding of a wide range of connectors.

8700 series - V-shape gaskets

V-shape EMI shielding gasket

For doors: gaskets with low closure force, to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels.

8800 series - Customized gaskets

Customized EMC EMI Gaskets

We can manufacture EMI-shielding gaskets in a wide range of shapes and dimensions.

EMI/RFI gaskets with water seal

5711 - 5722 - Oriented wire shield

Oriented wire shield

Oriented wire shield 5711 - 5722 is a composite gasket material consisting of a large number of small wires embedded and bonded in solid or sponge silicone, or fluor silicone elastomer for oil resistance.

5750-S series - Conductive rubber sheets

Conductive rubber sheets

Electrically conductive rubber sheets are made of rubber filled with small conductive metal particles to make the product conductive. This can create an EMI-proof and watertight seal in narrow constructions.

5750-P series - Conductive rubber profiles

Conductive rubber profiles

Electrically conductive rubber profiles are made of rubber filled with small conductive metal particles to make the product conductive. This can create an EMI-proof and watertight seal in narrow constructions.

6500 series - Clip-on shielding gasket

Clip-on EMI shielding gaskets

Clip-on EMI/RFI gaskets with waterseal are very easy to mount. Separate sponge-rubber waterseal and an EMI/RFI-shielding side of highly conductive, wear-resistant metallized fabric for HF shielding.

7300 series - EMC/IP gaskets

EMC IP gaskets

Water-sealing EMI gaskets for screwed applications like panels, displays and windows. These gaskets also act as a dust seal.

7500 series - L-shape gaskets

L shaped EMI shielding gasket

This L-shaped gasket provides both good water sealing and EMI sealing.

7800 series - Ultra-soft twin shield

Ultra Soft Twin Shield

Ultra-soft EMI/RFI-shielding gasket for doors, lids and panels. This EMI/RFI gasket has a low closure force to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels and comes with a waterseal (EMI/RFI/IP gasket)

7900 series - O-profiles

Conductive O-Profiles

Several types of O-profiles have been developed for different applications, each with their own benefits.

8000 series - Endless gasket

Endless Gaskets

Endless gaskets are suitable for many applications in which both EMI shielding and a waterseal are required.

8300 series - Die-cut gasket

Die-cut EMC IP shielding gaskets

Die-cut gaskets are electrically conductive gaskets that can be cut into any desired shape according to the customer's drawing.


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