EMI/IP gaskets

In this product group you will find EMI shielding gaskets that also have good water sealing properties. Abbreviated these gaskets are referred to EMI / IP gaskets.

Oriented wire shield

5711 - 5722 series Oriented Wire Shield 5711 - 5722 is a composite gasket material consisting of a large number of small wires ...

Conductive rubber sheets

5750-S series Electrically conductive rubber sheets is a rubber filled with small conductive metal parts to make the ...

Conductive rubber profiles

5750-P series Electrically conductive rubber profiles in general are known for its excellent weather, oxidation and ozone ...

Clip-on gasket standard shapes

6500 series Easily mounted clip-on gaskets is composed of a separate sponge rubber water seal and an EMI-shielding side of ...

EMC-IP gasket

7300 series Water sealing EMI gaskets for screwed applications like panels, displays and windows

L-shape gaskets

7500 series L-shaped EMI/RFI shielding gasket with water seal (IP seal) for thin doors and lids

Ultra soft twin shield

7800 series EMI/RFI shielding gasket with low closure force to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels combined with a ...

Conductive rubber O-profiles

7900 series For applications in grooves

Die-cut gasket

8300 series Gaskets made out of conductive rubber are quite expensive and are also not as soft as designers expected to ...

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