Clip-on PCB shielding cans with cover 1505 header

Clip-on PCB shielding cans with cover 1505

A fence and a removable cover creating a very rigid shielding can for printed circuit boards. The fence need to be fixed to the PCB with SMD clips

EMI screening covers (shielding cans) for PCB's were developed to shield only certain parts of electronic equipment from electromagnetic radiation at the source, rather than all of the components in the entire housing.

EMI shielding cans are available in standard sizes, or can be produced customized within a few days.

Whether it is for a small number of prototypes or large production runs, we can manufacture the precision components you require.

PCB shields consisting of partial two parts that together form a very solid and closed PCB shield but ease to open up.

The lid and the cover work together in one stroke, resulting in a very tight closure of the lid around the fence. Resulting in good quality EMI/RFI shielding.

Clip-on PCB shielding cans in tinned copper
Clip-on PCB shielding cans with cover dimensions

NOTE: keep in mind when ordering: the minimal height of the shielded can is 5 mm. Custom sizes and shapes can be produced on request and according to your drawing. Send your drawing by e-mail to request a quote.


  • Easy cover removal for maintenance
  • More robust design and therefore suitable for heavy applications
  • Better corner closure, resulting in better shielding performance at today’s higher frequencies

Shielding clips & pins

clip-on PCB shielding can pins and clips

Mount the shielding cans easily on your PCB with the Shielding clips & pins for 1500 series


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Length of the shielding in mm
Height of the shielding in mm Minimal 5 mm.
Height of the shielding in mm Minimal 5 mm.
Select an option:
MU 0.12 : Mu-copper 0.12 mm
MU 0.18 : Mu-copper 0.18 mm
TMU 0.12 : Tinned Mu-copper 0.12 mm
TMU 0.18 : Tinned Mu-copper 0.18 mm
TS 0.20 : Tinned steel 0.20 mm
* Note: The red blocks are required