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Wide-band hybrid pyramid em absorbers

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The 3630 series Wide-band hybrid pyramid EM absorber and is available in 2 sizes. It shows good absorption performance in the wide band between 30 MHz and 18 GHz when combined with 6.3 mm thick Ferrite absorber tiles (Part nr. 3600-63). The hybrid pyramid absorber is made out of ferrite and carbon powder and is tuned for perfect performance over Ferrite absorber tiles.

Due to this special characteristic, the product is suitable for building a small anechoic chamber to get a bigger space than built with foam pyramidal absorber. Also, it can increase the frequency from 1 GHz to 18 GHz as compared to a standard anechoic chamber that only has Ferrite absorber tiles.

 structure & specifications
Color Dark gray
Shape Pyramid
Main material Ferrite powder
Power handling capacity 1.8 kW/m2
Max service temperature (oC) 150
Fire retardance Non-flammable

Part numbers and dimensions
Part number Pyramid quantity
per unit
Unit size 
(L x W x H in mm)
3630-200-80 16 200 x 200 x 80 2.11 Single unit
3630-200-250 4 200 x 200 x 250 3.24
  • Performs very well in wide band (30MHz to 18GHz)
  • So strong that an adult can stand on it
  • Does not deteriorate even if it gets wet
  • 10 times more durable than conventional products
  • Easy to install on wall surfaces without adhesives being required
  • Outstanding impedance matching with ferrite tiles
  • REACH & RoHS compliant
  • Non-flammable
  • Suitable for high power testing

  • Electromagnetic-wave anechoic chambers
  • Compact EM-wave anechoic chambers
  • Floor-type electromagnetic-wave absorbers
  • Installation on shielded doors
  • Suitable for EMS high-power irradiation test
  • Suitable for small anechoic chamber (approximately 3 meters)
  • Anechoic chambers for antenna
  • For actual use in various GHz bandwidth

Performance characteristics
Wide-band hybrid pyramid EM absorbers graph
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