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UHF ferrite absorber tiles

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Our 3610 series Ferrite absorber tile is the industry standard solution and exhibits excellent overall performance versus cost. It is an attractive alternative to traditional, large, foam-type absorber materials for new anechoic chambers or for upgrading existing rooms for radiated emission and immunity measurements.

These tiles are a quite recent development. They are used when relatively high absorption is required together with a compact solution (up to -37 dB @ 800 ~ 900MHz). They also provide a reliable and compact solution for attenuating plane-wave reflections in shielded enclosures.

For the best economical choice, see our most common 3600 series VHF ferrite absorbers. These are the most frequently used choice for Anechoic chambers.

3610 UHF ferrite absorber tile

UHF ferrite absorber tile is made of a sintered ferrite in the shape of a square tile. The dimensions are 100 x 100 mm or 600 x 600 mm with a thickness of 4.0 mm.

The tiles can easily be screwed on to a wall individually, inserting screws through the 10mm hole, or mounted by means of adhesive. The tiles are optionally available in panel format. The tiles are surface-ground on all sides to precise mechanical tolerances, minimizing gaps between adjacent tiles to ensure maximum low-frequency performance.

The tiles provide excellent electromagnetic absorption in the UHF band. The product works well in a Dark box for mobile phone inspection and EMC anechoic chambers, and it is also suitable for high buildings to prevent TV ghost or for the absorption of RFID.

Material characteristics
Characteristics Symbols Units 3610 series
Initial permeability μiac   100±20%
Relative loss factor tanδ/μiac x10-6 52 (1.0MHz)
Saturation flux density (1194 A/m) Bs mT 380
Remanence Br mT 300
Coercivity Hc A/m 120
Relative temp. factor (20 °C ~ 60 °C) αμr x10-6/°C 5~10
Curie temperature Tc °C > 300
Density δ kg/m3 5.0 x 103
Resistivity ρ MΩ*m > 5.0
Frequency coverage of Reflection loss
(under -20dB)
- MHz 630~1040
Optimized thickness of tiles - mm 4.0
  • Absorption of lower electromagnetic waves in the range of 30 MHz ~ 1 GHz
  • Wide frequency and fire resistant
  • An electromagnetic absorbing material
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • No physical degradation over time
  • Ultra thin, so takes up little space

  • Dark box for mobile phone inspection
  • Prevention of radio communications disturbance
  • Prevention of TV ghost
  • Prevention of UHF RFID-readers interference

  • Standard weight: 214 gr.
  • Standard dimensions: 100 x 100 x 4.0 mm
  • Main hazards: No risk of explosion, flammability, reactivity or health hazard

Performance characteristics
3610 series - UHF ferrite absorber tile

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

 Core set parameters
Core constant C1 mm-1
Effective magnetic path length le mm
Effective cross-sectional area Ae mm2
Effective volume Ve mm3
Center leg area Ac mm2
Winding area Aw mm2

UHF ferrite absorber tiles dimensions
Part number A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Weight (gr)
3610-100-4 100 (±0.5) 100 (±0.5) 4.00 (±0.2) 10 (±0.2) 214
3610-600-4 600 (±0.5) 600 (±0.5) 4.00 (±0.2) 10 (±0.2) (36x) 7704

Supplied as 600 x 600mm panels (optionally available)

Both the 3610 UHF ferrite absorber tile and the 3600 VHF ferrite absorber tile are optionally available in the panel format of 36 Ferrite absorber tiles.

UHF -ferrite absorber tiles pane format example
UHF -ferrite absorber tiles pane format example
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