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Cable-entry shield

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A shielded cable-entry system to mount, ground and shield several cables or bundles of cables simultaneously. The highly conductive, flexible EMC gasket between which the cables are entered into the enclosure guarantees excellent shielding performance between 1 MHz and 10 GHz. Standard material for the plate is galvanized steel..


cable entry side view
  • High shielding performance over a wide range of frequencies (shielding depends on your situation)
  • Mounting within a few minutes
  • Very easy to add more cables later
  • Required preparations in the enclosure: only 1 rectangular recess
  • Standard or according to customer specifications

4915 - Entryshield instant version options (on request)
  • With Amucor EMI gasket
  • Made according to your drawing
  • Custom drill pattern

* Larger versions or a version according to your drawing are available on request.

High-performance shielding cable entry system 4930

For a higher shielding application you can use the High-performance shielding cable entry system 4930. For throughput of larger numbers of cables in a situation where space is limited, it makes sense to use an EMI/RFI-shielded cable entry system. Power and signal cables, as well as water supply lines and waveguides can be accommodated in the cable entry system. The electrically conductive beryllium-copper contact plate with small pointed fingers ensures good contact with the cable shield, which guarantees good shielding performance.

high performance shielding entry system 4930

Available versions

4910 - Entryshield (Profile)
cable entry base material 4910
Integration of a cable-entry shield

You can integrate Entryshield 4910 easily into any enclosure. You should make a slot in your housing that is 36 mm in height. The length of the slot depends on how many cables you want to carry in. Entryshield is a clip-on profile that can be attached easily by pressing it into position.

4915 - Entryshield (Instant version)
entryshield instant version 4915
Entryshield instant version with Amucor gasket as turnkey implementation
plate for direct mounting in your EMI shielded enclosure or Faraday cage.

We can deliver cable-entry shield as a turnkey implementation - we call this the Entryshield instant version 4915. This instant version is a Mu-ferro plate of 2 mm thick with the entry shield already mounted in this plate. The instant version is like a letterbox flap, only for entering EMI/RFI-shielded cables. This version is easy to fit into a EMI/RFI-shielded box, EMI/RFI-shielded room or Faraday cage.

cable entry technical drawing
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