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High performance cable entry shield

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Height of the Cable entry shield high performance in mm.
Width of the Cable entry shield high performance in mm.
Specify the number of cables to be passed through the Cable entry shield high performance.
Specify the diameter of the cables in mm

A shielded cable going into or out of the EMI/RFI-shielded housing has to make 360° contact, i.e. around the jacket of the shielded cable, with the EMI/RFI-shielded housing. For cables without a shielding jacket, Power or signal line filters should always be installed; otherwise the cable will act as an antenna.


For throughput of larger numbers of cables in a situation where space is limited, it makes sense to use an EMI/RFI-shielded cable entry system. Power and signal cables, as well as water supply lines and waveguides can be accommodated in the cable entry system. The electrically conductive beryllium-copper contact plate with small pointed fingers ensures good contact with the cable shield, which guarantees good shielding performance.

  • Also available in fireproof, gastight or watertight versions
  • The shielding cable entry system can be provided with additional dummy holes on the inside plate and the beryllium-copper contact plate. The outer plate remains closed to keep shielding performance high. You can add more cables later by drilling a hole in the outside plate. We will mark the positon of the dummy holes on the outer plate in advance.

  • This system facilitates letting many cables enter into a small area without the indiviual use of (expensive) cable glands.
  • Cable diameters can be between 3 - 28 mm. Other diameters on request.


To get a quick quote please send us a list of cable diameters and we will submit a proposal. You can describe your specifications or the size of the entry plate.

This High-performance shielding cable entry system can also be made according to the customer's drawing.

If you want a quote for a High-performance cable shielding system, please send an email to [email protected].

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