Waveguides 7850


Metal tubes designed to block electromagnetic waves for non metallic materials

Waveguides are specially designed metal tubes in order to block electromagnetic waves. They are available in almost any size depending on frequency. Attenuation curve is in relationship with diameter. Any non metallic material can be fed through the waveguide such as optical fiber, water, gas or air.

There are two versions available of the waveguide. A Mu-copper version and a messing version with thread.

The Mu-copper version (7850) is available in 12 mm, 15 mm, 22 mm and 28 mm and the messing version (7855) with thread is available in 11.5 mm, 21 mm, 33 mm and 47,5 mm

Technical drawing

Waveguide with condensate hoses

Attenuation waveguide

Waveguide Shielding performance attenuation

Waveguide copper version 7850

Waveguide copper version 7850


Part number Outer size  Inner size
7850-12 12 mm  10 mm
7850-15 15 mm  12 mm
7850-22 22 mm  19,8 mm
7850-28 28 mm  25,8 mm

Other sizes on request, standard length 400 mm

Waveguide messing with thread version 7855

Waveguide messing with thread version 7855

Part number Outer size Inner size
7855-11,62  11,62 mm  6,25 mm
7855-20,80  20,80 mm 13,75 mm
7855-32,90  32,90 mm 24,2 mm
7855-47,60  47,60 mm 39,8 mm

Other sizes on request, standard length 300 mm



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