P-shaped EMI shielding profile 7200 header

P-shaped EMI shielding profile 7200

Conductive fabrics with Ni/Cu-layer over P-shaped sponge core (elastomer core)

7200 series P-shaped EMI shielding gaskets consists of a P-shaped closed cell foam core which is covered with a conductive fabric with a copper-nickel metal coating (material code T) or highly conductive Amucor foil (material code A).

P-shaped EMI shielding gasket comes with a self-adhesive strip for easy mounting.

The version with highly conductive Amucor foil (material code A) is designed specifially to be combined with aluminium and zinc-plated steel.

Our 7200 series P-shape EMI shielding gaskets continuous strip gaskets have excellent shielding effectiveness (SE), high durability, low compression set and low resistance.



Part number Height (mm) Width (mm)
7238 3 8
7248 4 8
72410 4 10
72412 4 12
72610 6 10
72612 6 12
72614 6 14
72812 8 12
72814 8 14
72816 8 16
72xx Custom Custom


  • Displays
  • Metal housings
  • Switching cabinets
  • Depending on the application an IP54 protection class could be reached, that means with the use of the shielding gasket a protection against dust (index 5) and protection against splashed water (index 4) can be accomplished


Conductive fabrics with Ni/Cu-layer. A PU sponge core
(elastomer) covered with electrically conductive fabric

  • Shielding effectiveness: > 85 dB attenuation from 20 MHz to 10 GHz
  • Electrical Resistance: < 0.1 Ohms/Sq
  • Compression Deflection: < 1 lb/in
  • Compression Set: 15-19%
    •  15% at 21 °C (70 °F)
    • 19% at 70 °C (158 °F)
  • Service Temperature -40 °C (-40 °F) to 70 °C (158 °F)


  • The 7200 series P-shaped EMI shielding gaskets was developed to solve diverse EMI/RFI situations where a lightweight solution with excellent shielding properties and surface conductivity where required.
  • Shielding of over 80 dB @ 100 MHz can be reached very easily by using these shielding gaskets.
  • 7200 series P-shaped EMI shielding gaskets have the following composition: PU sponge (thermoplastic rubber), enclosed in an electro conductive fabric weaved from nickel-copper-polyester.
  • Flammability class: UL94-V0
    All standard profiles are self-adhesive and have a removable protective cover tape.
  • We provide these products from stock. Non-conductive adhesive tape is used as standard.
  • Customer-specific lengths and stamped out patterns can be carried out on request.


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