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Shielded wrap zipper and velcro

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Important notice: MOQ is 500 meter. Each roll is 25 meter.

Polyester material on the outside protects your cable for normal or heavy duty use and provides a excellent EMI shielding from the inside. Because of its shielded mesh on the inside made of tinned copper, the mesh creates an internal overlap.

For different cable diameters from 10 till 50 mm.  A Zipper and Velcro version are available and are both flame retardant. Can be ordered up to a maximal length of 25 meters. Standard MOQ is 500 meters.

Technical properties
Material Polyester outside, tinned copper inside
Color Black
Operating temperature (℃) -50℃ - +125℃
Melting pont (℃) 240± 10℃
Flammability DIN 5510
  • Effective shielding performance
  • For heavy duty use
  • Flexible material
  • Easy to open and close
  • Used for cables between 10 and 50 mm

Available versions
Partnumber Inside diameter (mm) Bundle diameter (mm)
4320-16 16 10-16
4320-20 20 17-20
4320-30 30 21-30
4320-50 50 31-50
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