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Holland Shielding Systems BV is a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, expanding its range of high-performance, traditional D-Sub shielded connector hoods. This new product is ideal for indoor signal or power applications requiring robustness and/or high EMI/RFI performance in the industrial and telecommunications business.

This D-Sub shielded hood is designed with an optimum number of pieces:

  • two half-metal covers in zamack (zinc alloy),
  • two jack screws, and a steel fiber-reinforced plastic strain relief for EMI/RFI screening and mechanical cable retention. The strain relief works with cable diameters from 4.00 mm to 13.00 mm. With just two screws to fasten, assembly is fast and easy, allowing for reduced labor costs.

Technical details
Gender All
Number of contacts see part numbers in table below
Colour Chrome
Material insulator Thermoplast UL94-HB
Features & benefits
  • Metalized plastic backshell for covering male/female D-sub connectors
  • The 8250 series D-Sub shielded hoods are available in 9-, 15-, 25- and 37-position versions
  • Internal cable strain relief for improved durability
  • Metalized chrome plating provides effective shielding.
  • Two piece cover design enables quick and easy assembly.
  • Standard assembly and mating hardware included.

  • Industrial Applications
  • Telecommunications Applications
  • Indoor Signal
  • Power Applications
Standard part numbers
  Part number Number of contacts
8250-9 9 contacts
8250-15 15 contacts
8250-25 25 contacts
8250-37 37 contacts
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