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Semi-conductive conductor separation tape

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Specify the width in mm. Max. width of 960 mm
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Holland Shielding Systems BV is a leading manufacturer of non-woven shielding foils and tapes. Our extensive product range contains both semi- and fully conductive foils and tapes for different applications such as EMI shielding and ESD applications.

Holland Shielding Systems BV is well-known for high quality products, our flexible converting capabilities and short lead times.


The 4772 series Semiconductive non-woven can be delivered as tape on roll or as foil. Minimum width is 10 mm and the maximum width is 960 mm.

The Semiconductive non-woven can also be delivered cut in any shape according to your CAD drawing.

Properties 4772-0.20 Test method
Thickness (mm) 0.20 ISO 9073-2
Mass per unit area (g/m2) 147 ISO 9073-1
Tensile strength (N/cm) 100 ISO 9073-3
Elongation (%) 15 ISO 9073-3
Specific length resistivity (Ωcm) 10 DIN 54345 Part 5
Volume resistivity (kΩcm) 100 DIN 54345 Part 1
Service temperature (°C) < 140 IEC 60216 (TIS 045)
Processing temperature (°C) < 225 (TIS 045)
Max. width 960 mm  
Semi-conductive conductor separation tape construction

  • Good bedding performance
  • Good conductive properties
  • Thin and strong material

  • ESD lining
  • EMI shielding of cables
  • Shielding and electric field control
rolls made in any width
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