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Card details theft is rampant. This simple yet effective shielded RFID card jacket blocks the transmission of high frequency waves (13.56 MHz or UHF 860-960 MHz) used to read “smart” (contactless) RFID cards. Prevents unauthorized access to your RFID card information.

How it works

&Hackers can now walk past you and steal your credit/debit card numbers without ever touching you or your wallet using inexpensive RFID scanners or a cell phone. This new crime is called "Crowd Hacking" and the RFID card shielding is an easy to use, high-tech defense against this crime.

The RFID card shield uses our E-Field shielding technology to make your information invisible to hackers without batteries or charging.


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  • RFID card shielding slevees prevent electronic pick-pocketing
  • Protects your ID & credit card info
  • Protect your credit card number, expiration dates, birthdates, names, addresses, photos and much more
  • Sleeves block high-tech hijacking scanning equipment waves
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