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Radio frequency field-strength measurements on location

radio frequency field strength measurements on location


EMF measurements/EM measurements/electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic fields cause interference in electronic devices and may affect the health of people close to where the fields are generated. It is important to recognize this at an early stage in a construction process, for instance at a future construction location or while construction is already underway, so that budgets are not exceeded. By means of field-strength measurements one can chart the existing electromagnetic fields and radiation emitted by GSM, UMTS antennas and transformer spaces, to mention a few examples. These measurements can help determine the best location in the new building for rooms where sensitive measurements are to take place, e.g. in hospitals or nano laboratories. And last but not least, field-strength measurements can detect sources of interference and can be part of a scheduled check of existing screened rooms and Faraday cages.

Magnetic field-strength ELF measurements

Measurements can be carried out in the low-frequency spectrum (0 Hz DC - 30 MHz ) for magnetic fields around installations through which high currents flow. In most cases the frequency will be 50/60 Hz, for example in transformer rooms, overhead lines, busbar systems and switchboard cabinets, and in the vicinity of high-voltage cables and railway lines, both above and below the ground.

Why perform measurements?

It is extremely complicated to assess electromagnetic radiation from a theoretical point of view - it can even be said to be impossible, due to the many variables in the environment. That is why measuring at the location itself is often indispensable to chart the prevailing electromagnetic fields and to locate possible sources of interference.

Electric field-strength EMF measurements

Electric field-strength EMF measurements
Measurements can also be performed in the high-frequency spectrum (9 kHz -22 GHz), to measure electric fields generated by transmission equipment or installations including C2000, GSM and UMTS towers, radar systems, wireless devices, etc.

Tests may be performed to meet ICNIRP standards, 2013/35/EU guidelines or alternative health recommendations such as SBM-2008.

  • Baseline
  • Electromagnetic fields (V/m or W/m2)
  • EMF measurement
  • ELF measurement of transformer room (nano Tesla)
  • Detection of sources of interference
  • Established standards for health, environment, licenses, OSH regulations
  • Determining location for rooms to conduct sensitive measurements
  • Checking shielded areas
  • Countercheck (second opinion)

  • Measurement on location
  • Cost-effective
  • Clear reporting
  • Expertise in all screening/shielding disciplines
  • Recommendations regarding reduction of the fields
  • Certification

Radio frequency field-strength measurements on location electromagnetic spectrum

Radio frequency field-strength measurements on location mu copepr MU-copper cage measurement
Prevailing fields and recommended standards

There are recommended standards for both magnetic and electric fields, set by the Health Council as limits in the Telecommunications Act. Especially magnetic fields are considered a serious threat to health; for instance, there is widespread concern regarding a causal connection between exposure to magnetic fields and leukemia in children. Besides that, there are numerous health complaints suspected of being associated with (or linked to) exposure to magnetic fields, for example headaches, depression and insomnia.

Health and safety Measurements

For the safety and health of your personnel it is important to know that there are no dangerous fields near their working environments. Holland Shielding Systems can perform a measurement on location to determine the current field strengths. These measurements are performed according to the 2013/35/EU guideline. A detailed report will give a detailed overview of the field strengths and recommendations on how to shield you employers if too high field strengths are being measured.

Inspection measurements of Faraday cages

Every Faraday cage needs regular maintenance check-ups. This does not only apply to the workmanship of the door - because there can be many invisible reasons why a cage can become ‘leaky’ so it no longer works according to the specifications. Therefore we carry out control measurements on location. After the measurement, a certificate is provided. Periodic measurements are important for hospitals and companies with ISO (9000) certification.

Determining the position of sensitive measurement rooms

When a map is made of the existing prevailing electromagnetic fields either during construction, in an existing building, or during remodeling, recommendations can be made for the optimal position for a sensitive measurement room.

Radio frequency field-strength measurements on location anechoic chamber measurement


Holland Shielding Systems BV performs professional full-spectrum magnetic DC & AC and electromagnetic EMF surveys throughout Europe and around the world. Below is a listing of frequencies that we can measure, from lower to higher frequencies. For more information regarding our measurements, please feel free to contact us.

references measurements on location
  • ELF-field strength measurements
  • SLF-field strength measurements
  • ULF-field strength measurements
  • VLF-field strength measurements
  • LF-field strength measurements
  • MF-field strength measurements
  • HF-field strength measurements
  • VHF-field strength measurements
  • UHF-field strength measurements
  • SHF-field strength measurements
  • EHF-field strength measurements

Radio frequency field-strength measurements on location measuring equipment
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