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Nonflammable high power handling absorbers

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Nonflammable high power handling absorber, is a non-woven fabrics based hollow broadband microwave absorbers with fire retardant and microwave absorption impregnated.

It is mainly used in microwave anechoic chambers, and it can be used to shield the test equipments inside the chamber; under vertical incidence and oblique incidence conditions, it has better broadband performance; meanwhile, it has a good scattering attenuation and isolation performance, and it can be applied for all parts of the anechoic chambers.

It is a hollow broadband microwave absorber which is made of a heat resistance non-woven fabric which is dipped with flame retardants and microwave absorbing agents, and it is mainly used in microwave anechoic chamber and covers the test equipments. Under the condition of normal incidence and oblique incidence, it has better broadband performance as well as scattering and isolation attenuation performance; it can be used in any part of the chamber.

Reflection loss under vertical incidence (-dB @ GHz)
3680 Nonflammable high power handling absorbers
  • Good flame retardant characteristics, it won’t burn when it encounters fire, it has oxygen index ≥ 60% and flame retardant B1 level.
  • Excellent high power handling capacity, it can withstand the power irradiation (continuous wave) ≥ 6kW/m2
  • It uses keel mounting method, without any adhesive.
  • The absorbing performance of such absorbers is equal to or better than the PU foam absorber with same height.
  • It adopts inorganic flame retardants and microwave absorption, not volatile, no smell and non-toxic; it is stable in long-term use.

Working conditions
  • Long-time working temperature: -50 °C ~ 120 °C
    Short-time working temperature: -100 °C ~ 150 °C
  • Relative humidity: 55% ± 15%

Please note:
  • For the data below 500 MHz, it is obtained by low-frequency coaxial test method (GJB5239-2004); while for the data above 1 GHz, it is obtained by far-field RCS test method (GJB2038A-2011)
  • The performance data listed in the above table is the guaranteed data, and the measured data would be equal to or better than the guaranteed data.
  • 3680-1600 can also be used in EMC chambers such as 10 meters and 3 meters.
  • The bold part number is a stock item and can be delivered immediately
  • Certification: CE RoHS
Product specification and part numbers
Part number Base size (mm*mm) Pyramid quantity per unit Unit size A*C*B (mm*mm*mm) Standard weight
3680-190 500×500 81 190×65×50 10
3680-300 64 300×60×50 13
3680-500 64 500×60×76 19
3680-690 36 690×80×90 20
3680-1000 16 1000×123×160 26
3680-1200 9 1200×163×180 28
3680-1500 9 1500×163×205 29
3680-1600 9 1600×163×220 40
Schematic diagram of high power handling nonflammable pyramid absorber
Nonflammable high power handling absorbers technical drawing schematic diagram
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