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Mu-ferro cable trunking

6800 mu ferro cable truncking


Mu-ferro® series is our most widely known brand for magnetic shielding. But Holland Shielding Systems BV also offers several other alloys like Mu-ferro HD which are used for similar, yet different applications. Comparable with Mu-Metal specifications.

Mu-ferro sheets are used primarily in low-intensity fields where high attenuation is desired (high initial permeability & high shielding efficiency).

Turnkey cable-trunking solution Especially for shielding cables or entire cable traces we can provide a turnkey cable-shielding trunking solution. The magnetically shielded trunking can be made in almost any shape and size. The trunking can also be made according to the customer's own CAD drawing. For complex shapes and sizes, we recommend submitting a CAD drawing before you request a quote. If you cannot provide a technical drawing of the magnetically shielded trunking, we can also perform measurements on location. In addition we can undertake a field strength measurement to determine whether cable-shielding trunking is necessary on location.

Mu-ferro sheets are used to manufacture shields such as:

  • EM-shielded enclosures,
  • cylinders,
  • cans,
  • channels, or
  • 3D boxes
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