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Many EMI problems can be solved easily by the use of conductive foils and conductive sheets. Some of the most commonly used materials are Mu-copper foil, reinforced Amucor foil and highly conductive textile.

All of theses materials can be produced with or without (conductive) self-adhesive and an optional insulation layer.

Electrical insulation layer specifications

If you want us to provide an insulating layer on the Mu-copper then there are the following two options.

Color White Black
Material Thermoplastic polyester Thermoplastic polyester
Thickness 0.15 mm 0.22 mm
Flammability UL94 VTM-0 UL94V-0

rolls made in any width
  • Shielding plastic enclosure parts
  • Shielding any non-conductive materials
  • Ground plane
  • Anti-static floor
  • Electrical connection between surfaces (sheets / foils)
  • Die-cuts
  • Shielding in housings
  • Shielding cables
  • Temporary shielding during tests

  • Flame-retardant version
  • With (conductive) self-adhesive backing
  • With insulation layer
  • Cut into the desired shape (possible via CAD drawing)

Shielding performance of tapes and foils

Please note: These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

Mu-copper foil (3281, 3282, 3283)

Mu-copper foil has superb shielding performance (also at low frequencies), can be soldered, and can easily be folded into the desired shape. Mu-copper foil is used to make small EMI shields like PCB-shielding cans, but also to EMI-shield entire existing rooms (Faraday cages, screen rooms, shielded boxes etc.).

Part numbers
  • 3281 : Mu-copper foil (0.035 mm thick)
  • 3282 : Mu-copper foil (0.12 mm thick)
  • 3283 : Mu-copper foil (0.18 mm thick)
mu-copper foil drawing 3281
Tinned Mu-copper foil (3285)

Similar to Tape 3201, but with a layer of tin added for protection against corrosion and better solderability.

mu-copper foil drawing 3285
Mu-copper foil with paper insulation (3287)

Mu-copper foil is similar to Part number 3281, but with a paper layer added to isolate the top layer of the foil.

mu-copper foil drawing 3285

Technical specification and part numbers
  Thickness (mm) Max. width (mm) Part number Part number with white insulation layer added* Part number with black insulation layer*
Mu-copper 0,035 600 3281 3401 3451
Mu-copper 0.12 1000 3282 3412 3452
Mu-copper 0.18 1000 3283 3418 3458
Mu-copper with paper
0.035 600 3287 - -
Tinned Mu-copper 0.035 330 3285 3402 3462

Films or tapes with different specifications are available on request. Please send an e-mail to [email protected]

* For more information on the insulating layer, see table below. Note that by the thickness in the above table, the thickness of the insulation layer still needs to be added.

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