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L-shaped gasket with waterseal

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The L-shaped gasket as an efficient combined seal for doors and lids. The gasket is used to achieve two goals at the same time: a water seal and an EMI seal.

This L-shaped gasket is made from a solid piece of neoprene foam. One side has been laminated with conductive textile (the conductive side) and the other side is uncovered neoprene which provides a water seal.

The flange of the door will compress the water-seal side of the gasket with very little force to assure a watertight seal.

The electrically conductive part on the other side of the gasket establishes an electrical connection between the lid and housing

7500 series - L-shape gaskets

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

  • Bends easily around sharp corners without interrupting the water seal
  • Excellent water sealing up to IP65 (depending on construction)
  • Easily mounted with a self-adhesive strip
  • Easy to use for small doors and lids
  • Low closure force to prevent bending of doors and lids
  • Roll lengths of 1 to 1.000 meters, depending on width and height of the gasket
  • Tools required: a pair of scissors

Options (on request)
  • Custom made in the dimensions you need
  • Available in flame-retardant version
  • Available with conductive self-adhesive
  • Available with chemical-resistant rubbers like EPDM
  • Silicone sponge for high temperatures up to 220 °C
  • Various conductive foils and fabrics
  • Cut into accurate lengths
  • In the shape of a ready-made frame

Techncial drawing
L-shape gasket waterseal technical drawing

L-shape gasket mounted inside lid

The picture above shows a closed lid with the gasket mounted on the inside of the lid.

L-shape gasket small dimensions

The gasket can be supplied in virtually any size. Please specify the size you are looking for by email, or use the contact form on the right side of this webpage.

L-shape gasket closed construction

In the picture above you can see how the gasket can be mounted on the inside of the lid. The L-shaped EMI / RFI-shielding gasket can be mounted with a self-adhesive that can optionally be conductive. When the lid is closed, the electrical contact is shielded from water and dust.

Standard dimensions
Part number A Y
7500-2-4-X 2 4
7500-2-6-X 2 6
7500-2-8-X 2 8
7500-3-6-X 3 6
7500-3-8-X 3 8
7500-3-10-X 3 10
7500-4-8-X 4 8
7500-4-10-X 4 10
7500-4-12-X 4 12
7500-5-8-X 5 8
7500-5-10-X 5 10
7500-5-12-X 5 12
7500-6-8-X 6 8
7500-6-10-X 6 10
7500-6-12-X 6 12
7500-7-10-X 7 10
7500-7-12-X 7 12
7500-7-14-X 7 14
7500-8-14-X 8 14
7500-8-16-X 8 16
7500-8-18-X 8 18
X = conductive cover
Other sizes on request
L-shape gasket standard dimensions
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