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High power SiC pyramid absorber

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High-power silicon carbide pyramid absorbing material is a kind of inorganic sintered material, resistant to strong power, commonly used in high power absorbing box and comprehensive test for high power airborne antenna. Power resistance no less than 30 kw/m2, easy to install with a metal T shape slot on a cold plate and with high reliability. The base of the pyramid is 40x40mm.

High power SiC pyramid absorber

High power SiC pyramid absorber
Part number Thickness mm Unit size A*B*C (mm)   Normall incidence
reflectivity max(-dB)
(4 to 8 GHz) (8 to 12
(12 to 18.0 GHz) (18 to 27 GHz) (27 to 40 GHz)
3695-50 50 20x15x50 40 -20dB -25dB -30dB -35dB -40dB
3695-90 90 40x35x90 60 -30dB -35dB -40dB -40dB -40dB
These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
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