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HDMI cable connector shield

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An HDMI cable in- or outside electronics housing often leads to interference.

We have recently developed an HDMI cable connector shield that is very easy to be stuck to any connector of an HDMI cable. With this shield the cable including the connector can be fully shielded to get the best shielding performance.

Most sizes are available from stock but the shield can be produced in any dimension. The shields can also be manufactured according to your drawing.

Shielding performance can even be improved using optional grounding connections or by using multiple layers, or multiple HDMI connector shields stuck over each other.

Standard shielded HDMI cable

We have a standard shielded HDMI cable (2 meter length) with 2 connectors, available from stock. This is a completely shielded product, both the cable and connectors are shielded.

  • Very high shielding performance
  • Available for any connector
  • Easy to mount
  • Good connection to the shield of the cable

Options (on request)
  • Can be equipped with grounding strip for better performance
  • Performed in an Amucor version

Standard part numbers

The HDMI connector shield is developed so that it has a fairly large overlap. This makes the shield suitable for almost any HDMI connector. The standard part number for an HDMI cable connector shield is 4975. Any custom sizes/part numbers on request.

Happy to help
Allowed maximum size is 20 MiB. You can upload multiple files