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Flat braided copper bus bar

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Flexible braids absorb elongation and shortening due to heat. They are preferred in low and high voltage mobile environments where the effects of vibration and impact are likely.

Tin plated copper wire knitting products can be used as bars. The flexible structure allows formal application advantages. High expansion and contraction ability with super flexibility. Uncoated copper wire products can be produced on demand and upon request.

Flexible knitted copper products are used in high voltage locations such as transformer buildings, electrical panels, dams, generators, factories, high voltage units, ships and BAS BAR systems.

EMI cable shielding with metaal carrier technical drawing
AC-4800 Flat Braided Copper Bus Bar Cu/Sn*
Part number Width (mm) Height (mm) Selectional wire area mm
AC4802 4 0,90 1,256
AC4804 5 1,10 2,127
AC4807 8 1,20 2,735
AC4809 9 1,40 4,254
AC4812 13 1,35 5,470
AC4816 16 1,40 6,837
AC4818 20 1,35 7,901
AC4820 26 1,60 9,723
AC4825 33 1,64 19,594
AC4830 40 1,68 21,101
AC4840 50 1,75 27,130
* With tin-plated copper wire.
** The thickness tolerance va/ue for copper wire is ±%3,5 turns.
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