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EMC ferrite cable clamps

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How does a ferrite clamp work?

A ferrite terminal can reduce common mode interference. Due to the magnetically guided action of the ferrite, a coil is placed in series with the common mode current-carrying circuit.

common mode magnetic flux

The coil ensures that the common mode impedance is increased. This weakens the unwanted interference current.

The impedance vs number of windings and the frequency.

EMC ferrite cable clamps

How to apply?

The correct application of ferrite differs per situation and requires very specific expertise and experience.

Practical method:
Fortunately, a good result can often be achieved through "trial and error". By Applying ferrite clamps to all suspected cables until the problem is resolved. Then, if necessary, determine which clamps can be removed without the interference returning. 

In some situations it is possible to increase the effectiveness of a clamp. This is done by feeding several windings of a cable through a clamp.

EMC ferrite cable clamps

An example of the effect of the number of windings

NiZn for lower frequencies
Typical impedance Ω
10 MHz 95
25 MHz 160
100 MHx 263
250 MHz 311

Available dimensions
Part number Maximum cable diameter
8260-NiZn-6.3 6.3mm
8260-NiZn-9.85 9.85mm
8260-NiZn-12.7 12.70mm
MnZn for higher frequencies
Typical impedance Ω
1 MHz 20
5 MHz 75
10 MHz 104
25 MHz 170
100 MHx 315
250 MHz 380

Available dimensions
Part number Maximum cable diameter
8260-MnZn-6.3 6.3mm




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