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Electrically conductive glue needle

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The Glue Needle is ideal for applying small amounts of glue. The content consists of electrically conductive silver glue.

For example, these can be used for electrical connections and EMI shielding which are included in computers and telephones, for example.

The adhesive has a very low resistance by adding 80% pure silver. When using this glue you do not need a soldering iron. It is therefore ideal to draw a thin electrically conducting track. The glue can be used on glass, metal, rubber and bakelite.

It is not suitable for conductive connections where mechanical stress occurs. The silver glue that consists of pure silver for 80%, which ensures perfect conductivity of current with a resistance lower than 0.1%. With this glue, you can renew old tracks on printed circuit boards. This glue is also suitable for jumpers on the motherboards of different electronics.

Pay attention!
This glue does not have any pulling force as you are used to with a glue.


The drying time is 2-4 hours. This drying time can be accelerated by heating (for example, with a hair dryer). The drying time will then be 5-10 minutes. The content is sufficient for about 20 to 30 cm conductive connection. The silver glue can be stored for 12 months after opening. This must happen at room temperature in a dark room.

By default there is 0.3 ml glue in the glue needle. The total content is 1 ml.

  Part number Description
3981 Electrically conductive glue needle 0.3ml
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