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Electrically conductive silver plated copper coating

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Conductive silver plated copper coating Is supplied ready for use, it is designed to give low resistance in thin film thickness, and exhibits superb EMI shielding and grounding properties displaying excellent adhesion to most plastics and is specially suitable for electronic equipment housing. It exhibits superb long term shielding and grounding properties while providing an esthetically pleasant appearance.

The resin becomes touch dry in approx. 5 minutes after application, to handle in 10 minutes and achieves maximum conductivity within 4 to 16 hours when air dried. It is intended to prevent electrical interference which penetrates enclosures made from thermoplastics and other insulating materials. The coating also prevents static build up.

It is recommended that an grounding connection is made to achieve maximum shielding performance. A suitable material for this is Part number 3201 Copper shielding tape which can simply be stuck onto the coated surface or over-sprayed with the electrically-conductive copper coating. The coating, once it has been applied, has a copper colored finish.

  Part number Description
3801C Aerosol 400 ml
3805C Tin 5 liters (7kg)
3820C Tin 20 liters (28kg)

Applying the electrically-conductive nickel coating

For easy application of the electrically-conductive nickel coating, we have a small sprayer which is to be connected to a compressor.

Physical properties
Surface resistance at 25 micron (thou) ASTM D257 0.5 ohm/square or less
Conductive additive Silver plated copper
Viscosity 16 - 18 sec. (zahn cup 2)
Flash Point -5°C
Specific Gravity 1050 kg/m3
Typical coverage 5 m2/kg at 25 microns (dependent on substrate)
Drying time: touch 5 minutes
Drying time: full 4 up to 16 hours (air dry)
Shelf life 12 months

Typical properties
Sheet resistance  <0.50 /square at 25 m
Attenuation 75 dB at 50 µm
Maximum service temperature 95°C
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