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Car Key Protection - COP

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Holland shielding systems BV Car Key Protection pouches protect portable transceivers from RF & microwave interference and/or emissions. The Car Key Protection pouches are used to shield your modern car key from wireless signals attempting to steal your car..

Every modern car key emits a signal containing a code to open and even start the car. However, this signal can easily be copied and reused by car thieves when the key is not secured.

Inside the secure Car Key Protection pouches the modern RFID car key can no longer be read remotely. Our pouches are lightweight, flexible and very easy to use. When the key is in the pouch, it is immediately secured!

  • When the key is in the pouch, it is immediately protected!
  • Very easy to use
  • Very good shielding performance
  • Strong material, lasts a long time
  • Works for every modern car key

Options (on request)
  • Performed with cord
  • Large versions for multiple car keys
  • Company version sewn with logo / license plate


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